Asset-centric meter-to-bank billing ICT systems

We work with Energy Utilities to put data and AI in the hands of consumers, empowering them to make better, cheaper, and greener energy decisions. What this means for utilities:

  • Asset-centric meter-to-bank billing ICT systems

  • 30% reduction in billing costs

  • 20% reduction in customer churn

  • Decentralised blockchain data storage with encryption at rest and in transit

Offering a comprehensive solution to all your energy needs.

Our solutions

1. Asset Settlement & Billing Platform

All supply volumes netted, billed and settled at the asset level. Supporting P2P, supplier switching and grid services markets

2. Attribute Optimisation VPP

Our decision engine is designed for future energy attributes such as nodal pricing signals, carbon pricing, generation type, location and storage.

3. Digital Wallet & Self Service

All of your assets (PV, Battery, Electric Vehicle & Charger, Smart Appliance, Heat Pump) identified, secured and marketable

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